And now answers to questions no one asked:

Why did you start this blog? I actually started it a few years back just as sort of a lark to get my thoughts on a myriad of subjects out to my friends and family. It was mostly for humor and oft hilarious but as time went on I became more committed to it and here we are.

Why music? Well, why not music? Seriously, how can you not love music? I love music and everything about it including the history, the nostalgia, and the general excitement about it. It is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind (along with olive oil, garlic, bread, and beer…). I also love writing so it just made sense for me to write about music. Of course, there’s also music related books, dvds, and, well, fine beers so I decided to write about those as well.

Do you actually buy CDs? Heck yes I do! Digital technology and downloads are indeed fantastic and very cool but I still like to have a physical product with cover art and liner notes and all that other fun stuff (not to mention the low, aka poor, sound quality of some digital downloads). I like to look at what I am listening to while listening. Music and art go hand in hand and, at least in the old days, the cover art was almost as important as the music itself. I will always embrace CDs (is this true anymore?)…I have even been known to throw a record on from time to time!

How do you decide what to review? Well, for the most part it’s completely random although I do usually review something I have been listening to lately so it’s fresh on my mind. Sometimes a review is based on a certain anniversary of a recording, a new release date, or some other type of music news that is happening.

Do you offer free music downloads? No. Free downloads are often times of dubious quality and in most instances completely illegal. We do not offer or endorse any illegal streaming or downloading of music in any form. We do provide links from time to time to legal downloads available for purchase or streaming so be sure to check them out. Support the musicians that made all this great music and buy the real thing.

Will you send me a CD-R burn? See above. Although if you would like us to actually burn a cd with fire and brimstone and send it to you in the mail we could probably work something out. Of course even then…no.