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2012 – The Return of Frank Zappa

Published on September 16, 2012 By Music Mook

As 2012 nears its end, the ZFT go and reissue Frank’s entire catalog, some going back to the original analog masters. Wowie zowie indeed! I was driving around a few weeks ago and a somewhat foreshortened pick-up truck pulled up next to me, blaring – in an instance of awesomeness hitherto unknown to me from […]

Frank Zappa – Hammersmith Odeon

Published on December 10, 2010 By Music Mook

For Dave. When Frank Zappa hit London in the winter of 1978, he had with him a rocking teenage combo that could run circles around just about any other band on earth. Of course, Frank always had the most talented and well trained musicians to do his musical bidding, and his ’78 band was indeed […]

Music News – Frank Zappa Hammersmith Odeon 1978!

Published on November 2, 2010 By Music Mook

Frank Zappa – Hammersmith Odeon 1978 **UPDATE: Review can now be found here!** This looks like it will be a big one folks! Three discs of material from the Hammersmith Odeon in London, 1978. As usual with the ZFT, there is no track list posted yet but from the little information they do provide it […]

Book Review – The Real Frank Zappa Book by Frank Zappa

Published on November 1, 2010 By Music Mook

Ah, Frank Zappa, my musical hero. I had been listening to Frank for years when I discovered this book way back in the late 90s (ugh…). His music changed everything for me and reading The Real Frank Zappa Book was just another chance to delve deeper into his mad mind and discover just what it […]

Music News – Neil Young, Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull

Published on September 15, 2010 By Music Mook

Neil Young – New Release Coming September 28, 2010 Looks like Neil Young has been busy for a little while with fellow Canadian noise maker Daniel Lanois. Young’s new album, Le Noise, is an 8 track collection of acoustic and electric songs that will most likely beckon for flannel shirts and cool autumn weather. Thanks […]

Music News – Frank Zappa, Grateful Dead, Jethro Tull, James Brown

Published on September 2, 2010 By Music Mook

Frank Zappa Day – September 19, 2010 An entire weekend in Baltimore is being dedicated to Frank Zappa (born in Baltimore) in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of his anti-censorship speech and U.S. Senate hearing on Capitol Hill in 1985. There will be a statue dedication and a free concert by Zappa’s son Dweezil and […]

How To Ease In To Frank Zappa

Published on August 24, 2010 By Music Mook

Throughout my many years of listening to Frank Zappa I often get asked by newbies what I would recommend for them. Well, with near 90 official albums, and a HUGE cross section of genres and material to choose from, that question can get a bit difficult to answer. But don’t worry, I’m here to help. […]