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Lullaby Renditions of Led Zeppelin

Published on September 8, 2010 By Music Mook

No, this is not a joke and yes, you read that correctly: Lullaby Renditions of Led Zeppelin. And the great thing is it’s even more fantastic than you think it’s going to be! Lullaby Renditions of Led Zeppelin features, well, lullaby renditions of Led Zeppelin songs. Eleven songs to be exact and all of them […]

Led Zeppelin – BBC Sessions

Published on August 9, 2010 By Music Mook

Steeped in the blues and eternally heavy, Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions brings us a youthful Zeppelin bent on bringing the world to it’s knees. Hard to believe things were this heavy back in 1969 – 1971. Disc 1 comprises selections from four different appearances on England’s BBC while disc 2 presents almost an entire concert […]

Led Zeppelin – How the West Was Won

Published on August 3, 2010 By Music Mook

Up until Led Zeppelin’s How the West Was Won came out, Zeppelin shows were hard to come by. At least, that is, officially. Along with the Grateful Dead they are one of the most bootlegged bands on the planet and true fans always knew that the best stuff was live. But we are not here […]