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The Strokes – Is This It?

Published on March 25, 2013 By Music Mook

March 26, 2013, marks the release of the Strokes fifth album titled Comedown Machine. Hard to believe it’s been 12 years now since their first release… For Krissy. I remember it like it was yesterday, hearing Is This It for the first time and being completely blown away. I knew at the time there was […]

2012 – The Return of Frank Zappa

Published on September 16, 2012 By Music Mook

As 2012 nears its end, the ZFT go and reissue Frank’s entire catalog, some going back to the original analog masters. Wowie zowie indeed! I was driving around a few weeks ago and a somewhat foreshortened pick-up truck pulled up next to me, blaring – in an instance of awesomeness hitherto unknown to me from […]

Too Much Grateful Dead?

Published on May 19, 2012 By Music Mook

“…that one band could touch so many people, on so many levels, and somehow still manage to keep us all interested after so many years.” After amassing countless hours of officially released live Dead shows I had to stop and ask myself if I have, just perhaps, too much? And if so, why did I […]

The Rolling Stones – Brussels Affair 1973

Published on November 30, 2011 By Music Mook

“I’m no schoolboy but I know what I like…” I can’t believe it. Here it is the tail end of 2011 and the Rolling Stones go and release their best album since 1969’s Let it Bleed. I’m serious. This is spec-freaking-tacular. Released as a download only (320 kbps!) on Google Music, The Rolling Stones Brussels Affair […]

September 21, 1972

Published on September 21, 2011 By Music Mook

There’s only one thing to think about today… One of the Dead’s finest, finest shows. Ever. Reviewed HERE! Yes, we are still here and still reviewing. We’re just taking our sweet time to do so! We’ve got a lot of great reviews on the way so stay tuned… Also Awesome:Grateful Dead – Dick’s Picks Vol.29 […]

Grateful Dead – Dick’s Picks Vol.29 (Part 2)

Published on May 23, 2011 By Music Mook

*Continued from Part 1* Well, folks, this may be it. My favorite show, by one of my favorite bands, ever. May 21, 1977… The first set is so impeccable, and played with so much emotion, it may just be their finest first set ever released. A first set that is so strong, so mind melding […]

Grateful Dead – Dick’s Picks Vol.29 (Part 1)

Published on May 18, 2011 By Music Mook

“Please forget you knew my name…” There are many moments throughout the Grateful Dead’s incredibly long career where it seemed as if the Gods themselves were smiling down on the band from the Heavens. And perhaps, at least to this listener, those smiles shone none brighter than during May 1977. There was just something in the […]

The Doors – Live in New York 1970

Published on May 14, 2011 By Music Mook

“Well, that’s New York for ya’…” For a few years back in the late 60s, the Doors were providing the perfect blend of dramatic stage theatrics and mind melding music. Centered around Jim Morrison’s unpredictable persona and deep baritone vocals that straddle the fine line between smooth crooner and blues shouter, the Doors were a […]

Captain Beefheart 1941-2010

Published on December 27, 2010 By Music Mook

“The moon was a drip on ah dark hood…” I remember my first encounter with the music of Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band. Yes, amidst my father’s old record collection was a curious looking black and grey album with a die cut cover called Mirror Man. Looking at the track list and seeing there […]

Frank Zappa – Hammersmith Odeon

Published on December 10, 2010 By Music Mook

For Dave. When Frank Zappa hit London in the winter of 1978, he had with him a rocking teenage combo that could run circles around just about any other band on earth. Of course, Frank always had the most talented and well trained musicians to do his musical bidding, and his ’78 band was indeed […]